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      "Mebbe they'll come closter next time," said little Pete with a shiver, as he trotted a little nearer Shorty.

      "Yes," he said huskily"it is."

      "It'sit's only poetry, f?ather."Three months passed in this new way. Reuben would never have believed that Naomi could be a companion to him, especially after the last few hostile years. As for her, she looked young and pretty again; delicious slim lines had come into her figureno longer the slack curves and emaciation of recent months, or the matronly fullness of earlier times. Her health seemed completely restored.

      "Now," said Si, "pack your rations carefully in your haversacks, just as you see me and Corpril Elliott doin'. First, keep your sugar, coffee and salt separate. Put 'em in little tin boxes, like these, and see that the lids are on tight. Hurry up, now. Shorty, you'd better look over the boxes, and go up and draw as many cartridges as you think we'll need." And crown Him Lord of All."

      The revulsion of feeling among the keenly-wrought-up men was almost painful."Go out there, Alf, on the gravel, and sing to 'em," said Shorty.

      He kicked Robert, and called up Richard to drive the cart over to Rye.


      "Dr. Rogier has his preparations," the old woman said. "I'm sure they are as efficient as they can be. They are useless, but he knows that as well as I do."


      The colour rushed into Robert's cheeks, and something very unfamiliar and very unmanly into his eyes. "Camp ov the 2 Hunderdth Injianny


      He rapidly repeated the magic formula, and pronounced Gid Mackall "it.""Yes."