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      Varley Howard nodded."My habits!" growled the Major, drawing his eyebrows into a heavy frown, "what do you mean, you insolent scamp?"

      The signature was written only after considerable hesitation. His note would be sure to fail of the desired conciliatory effect, if it wholly ignored the name upon which his uncle had so strenuously insisted. Yet he could not bring himself to incorporate it with his lawful sign-manual. He was forced to compromise matters by thus using it as a sort of sobriquet.

      The housekeeper made her appearance and offered her services. She wrung the rain out of Isola's cloth skirt, and wiped the muddy hem. She took charge of the jacket and hat, and at Lostwithiel's suggestion she remained to pour out the tea. She was a dignified person, in a black silk gown and a lace cap, and she treated her master as if he had been a demi-god. Isola could not be afraid of taking tea in this matronly presence, yet she kept looking nervously towards the window in front of her, where the rain beat with undiminished force, and where the night was closing in.

      Isola answered never a word, until Captain Hulbert addressed her pointedly for the second time.


      "No, no. He must not see. He would wonder, and question meand guess, perhapsas you did just now. How was it you knewwhat made you guess?" she asked, with a sense of rebellion against this man who had pierced the veil behind which she had been hiding herself so long.



      "Oh, you are monstrously proud. You can do as you like in your own house, I suppose. But all travelling and hotel expenses will be my affair, remember that."When Mother Melinda hurried in, she found him still and quiet, with his eyes closed, and a faint smile upon his boyish face. Esmeralda drew her hand away quickly.