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      "And will you do that alone?"Reuben recalled the last five yearsthey had been fat years. One by one small comforts, small luxuries, had been added to the house, as the farm throve modestly, fulfilling itself within the narrow boundaries its master had appointed. And all the time that mocking furious crest of Boarzell had broken the sky in the southtelling of beauty unseized, might unconquered, pride untamed.

      "Wot's Odiam to you?It ?un't yours, it's mine, and if I d?an't care about the land, why[Pg 20] shud you go disgracing yourself and us all because of it?""H?ald your false tongue. You're no wife o' mine from this day forrard. I w?an't be cuckolded in my own house."

      "Well, would Robert have stolen money, or Albert disgraced your name, to get free, if you and your farm hadn't made them slaves? If you hadn't been a heartless slave-driver would George have died the other night alone on the Moor?or would Richard have taken advantage of a neighbour's charity to escape from you? Don't you see that your ambition has driven you to make slaves of your children?"

      "No, we can't. There's naun the matter wud her really. She's always crying."

      "The monk John."

      "I can't abear the sight of her.""And what about Odiam?" asked Ticehurst of Hole. "I haven't seen Backfield these three weeks, but there's a tale going r?ound as how the commissioners have bin tedious sharp, and done him out of everything he hoped to getsurelye!"


      He would wait there till the dew hung in pearls on his clothes and hair, and the damp chills of the night were[Pg 268] in his bones. Then he would creep down from the Moor, and go back into the warmth and love of the houseyet with this difference now, that he never quite forgot.


      "My Lord de Boteler," resumed Calverley, "will, in a few minutes, depart hence. I attend him; but before I go, I would fain desire your counsel.""Nonsense!d?an't be a fool, my gal."


      "You're sure that's Albert?" asked Reuben, though he really did not doubt it for a moment.