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      I have always loved you! she whispered; and he could feel her lips move.

      In the saddle all day, and not tired? She looks as fresh as when you started! he said to Trafford as Esmeralda ran, singing, up the steps. She is a marvel, my dear Trafforda marvel!

      When is the wedding to be? asked Ada, as they promenaded.

      Come along! she cried. Ride all you know; there are more of them!

      Lilias repeated:


      I dont care; only let me look well to-night, said Esmeralda, almost feverishly; and Barker nodded and glanced at her curiously, and yet approvingly.


      Thanks, he said in his languid way. Weve enjoyed the fun. Youd better start the coach, Johnson, or youll[280] beat the record for unpunctuality. Get up, dear, he said to Esmeralda in a whisper.