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      Well, what Mamma will do unless you help her this Christmas, is more than I can tell, she said. Coal is up now to winter prices, and Mammas cellar is so small that she cant get in enough to last her through. And its little enough that I can do for her, for with John at home its like having two young lions to feed, and how to save from the house-money you give me I dont see. I dare say it would be better if Mamma got rid of Blenheim for what it would fetch and went into furnished lodgings.


      "Japan abounds in sulphur, and the supply is said to be inexhaustible. The copper used at the mint for making the Japanese small coins is of native production, and so is most of the silver; but occasionally the supply of the latter metal runs short, and then American silver comes into play. Last year nearly half a million trade-dollars were melted at the mint at Osaka, to be made into Japanese yens, and this year a large number have met a similar fate. The American trade-dollar has not yet become a popular coin for circulation in Japan and China, but is in good demand for the melting-pot. But I suppose we do not care what they do with our silver money so long as they pay for it; and the more they melt up, the better we shall be pleased."The Doctor explained that legal tender was the money which the law declares should be the proper tender, or offer, in paying a debt. "If[Pg 26] I owed your father a hundred dollars," said he, "I could not compel him to accept the whole amount in ten-cent pieces, or twenty-five-cent pieces, or even in half-dollars. When the government issues a coin, it places a limit for which that coin can be a legal tender. Thus the ten-cent piece is a legal tender for all debts of one dollar or less, and the half-dollar for debts of five dollars or less."

      "I tell you what," said Frank, "I have made a discovery."

      "Yesyou'd have gone short of everything and made other folks go shortbut we ?un't that kind."

      "Seems as if he didn't trust usseems sometimes as if he was afraid we'd go off like the others."


      No, but we must try to be friends now.


      "Never!you will never see me again!" he said, with fresh energy: "but, before you go, tell me that you forgive me all that is passed."