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      Not in the least, she said.

      I can not stay here now that there is no hope for me. It was too much to hope that you would love me; but I must go on loving you till I die.And, strange to say, he was not unhappy. He felt that he ought to be so; that he ought to ache with remorse every time he thought of Ada; but he did not do so. Indeed, he was conscious of a feeling of satisfaction when he was with Esmeralda. She was so beautiful and so sweet, and her love for him, which shone in her eyes whenever he approached, and sung in her voice whenever she spoke to him, touched him and affected him strangely.

      It aint for me to say, Esmeralda heard him answer.[304] Simons gone away for a bit; she can speak to him when he comes back.

      A duchess! said Varley, grimly.

      She looked at him thoughtfully.


      I have been guilty; I have pleaded guilty to your accusation, Esmeralda, he said, at last. What do you wish me to doto have done? I will do anything; I owe it to you.


      Is there none before Thursday? asked Trafford, wearily.


      On our wedding-day, continued Trafford, speaking very slowly, and as if he were communing with himself, rather than addressing Varley, I made a discovery. I discovered that I loved herloved her as passionately and truly as any man ever loved since the world began.[282]