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      "... Settled here since 1710 ... 2500 acres ... the estate runs four miles up the Bay shore.... The first house built here was a fine Colonial mansion with a pillared portico. Burned by the British on their expedition against Washington in the 1812 affair. A comfortable farmhouse with great chimneys arose out of its ruins. The present structure was erected in 1869. This was the style then, a great square block with a cupola. Considered magnificent in its day. Very fine rooms. You'll see them presently. It contains the oldest bath-room in Southern Maryland. Unfortunately out of order at present.

      Don shook his head. "More likely Pardoethe man you ran into here, told him something and he came snooping around just on a chance. I gave myself away with my own talk.""Who is she?" he asked, as if Pen were not present.

      "Captain," remonstrated Si, "I'm wetter'n a drowned rat!""Oh, not there," said Pen.

      "Yours, aflfeckshnitly, Si Klegg."



      To get rid of him Pen said: "Why don't you go?"


      There was no response, and Si challenged again with like result.