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      Norma almost reached forward to shake some sense into the old woman. But she was Dr. Haenlingen, after all

      "What in the world are we goin' to do for grub, Si?" asked Shorty, as soon as he got his eyes fairly open.Cadnan shouted: "Wait for the masters," and went on, pushing his way through the noise, through the babbling crowd of Alberts. There were no masters visible anywhere: that was a new thing and a strange one, but too many new things were happening. Cadnan barely noticed one more.

      Reuben looked at Harry with detachment. He was not in the least jealous of his position as favourite son, he had always accepted it as normal and inevitable. His parents did not openly flaunt their preference, and they were always very kind to Reubenwitness the gentleness with which he was received to-day after his escapadebut one could not help seeing that their attitude towards the elder boy was very different from what they felt for the younger.

      "They're here!" she screamed.

      I must break it. Dara says I go.

      Rose smiled to herself, and when she next had occasion to punish Reuben, invited his drover to a cup of tea."The constables from Rye!"


      The positions of husband and wife were now reversed. It was Reuben who sulked and gloomed, looking at the baby askance, while Naomi moved in a daydream of peace and rapture and desire satisfied. She was too happy to care much about her husband's disappointment. She would never have believed it if anyone had told her in the first weeks of her marriage that she could have a joy and not mind if he did not share it, a child and not fret if he did not love it. But now her child sufficed her, or rather she had learned the lesson of wives, to suffice herself, and could love and rejoice without a comrade.


      Spring came on, and Albert grew worse. Pete began to look haggard; even his bullish strength was faltering under sleepless nights, days of moil and sweat, and constant attendance on the sick man. The dairy-women helped a little, but what they did they did unwillingly; and as the dairy was short-handed, Reuben did not like them to take up any extra work. Pete's existence was a continual round of anxiety and contrivance, and he was not used to either.The silence of the woods and the mountains as night drew on became more oppressive than the crashing sounds, the feverish movements, and the strained expectancy of the day had been.


      "Could you paint a picture of Odiam?"