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      "He can work too, I suppose?" said Tilly bitterly.VIEW FROM THE HOTEL. VIEW FROM THE HOTEL.

      Keeling found no difficulty in deciphering the handwriting. There were three pages, and glancing through them, he moved towards the door.

      "Never mind that. As for me, I am not quite foundered, although I have left a cargo behind at Winchcombe that would have bought a dozen bondmen's freedom. Come with me to London: I have part of a galley of my own there, and you may either stow away in some hole of the city, or slip your cable, and be off for Genoa, where I'll promise you as snug a birth as a man could wish for. Besides, there is your childis it a boy?"The evidences of a large population along the Yang-tse were easy to see; but, nevertheless, Frank and Fred were somewhat disappointed. They had read of the overcrowded condition of China, and they saw the great numbers of boats that navigated the river, and consequently they looked for a proportionately dense mass of people on shore. Sometimes, for two or three hours at a time, not a house could be seen; and at others the villages were strung along in a straggling sort of way, as though they were thinly inhabited, and wished to make as good a show as possible. There were many places where the land did not seem to be under cultivation at all, as it was covered with a dense growth of reeds and rushes. In some localities the country appeared so much like a wilderness that the boys half expected to see wild beasts running about undisturbed; they began to speculate as to the kind of beasts that were to be found there, and finally questioned Dr. Bronson on the subject.

      "Unaccountable good."


      "Aye, aye, I seeit shall be doneshe returns no more to Winchcombe"


      "Is he not engaged as a fixture?" asked Harvey, with some disappointment.