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      "Sorry! No! I am gladglad with all my heart. I have waited for that."

      Mr. Pinchook made another attempt to straighten his collar, coughed, and went on again.How vividly she remembered every detailher fluttering apprehensions during the long drive on the dark road, up hill and down hill; her eagerness for the delight of the dance, as an unaccustomed pleasurea scene to which young beauty flies as the moth to the flame; her remorseful consciousness that she had done wrong in yielding to the temptation which drew her there; the longing to see Lostwithiel once moreLostwithiel, whom she had vowed to herself never to meet again of her own free will. She had gone home that afternoon resolved to forego the ball, to make any social sacrifice rather than look upon that man whose burning words of love, breathed in her ear before she had enough of nerve or calmness to silence him, had left her scathed and geared as if the lightning had blasted her. She had heard his avowal. There was no room now to doubt the meaning[Pg 303] of all that had gone before, no ground now for believing in a tender, platonic admiration, lapping her round with its soft radiancea light, but not a fire. That which had burnt into her soul to-day was the fierce flame of a dishonouring love, the bold avowal of a lover who wanted to steal her from her husband, and make her a sinner before her God.

      The sun had just gone down, veiled in autumnal haze, and behind the long ridge of waters beyond the Dodman there glowed the deep crimson of the western sky. Eastward above the Polruan hills the moon moved slowly upward, amidst dark masses of cloud which melted and rolled away before her on-coming, till all the sky became of one dark azure. The two girls went down the hill in silence, Allegra holding[Pg 143] Isola's arm, linked with her own, steadying those weaker footsteps with the strength of her own firm movements. The difference between the two in physical force was no less marked than the difference in their mental characteristics, and Allegra's love for her sister-in-law was tempered with a tender compassion for something so much weaker than herself.

      Its not usualin Englandto shake hands with ones servants, dear, she said. But youll learn all that in time, andother things. Go and put your things on, and well go down to Madame Cerises.

      "How frightened you would have been yesterday evening had you known who was on board the boat," she said.



      Yes, said Esmeralda, this is my first party. It is very beautifulthe lights and the music. They are going to dance now? she added, looking round with intense interest."Isola, for God's sake, stop!"


      A daughter of the gods, she repeated. It is needless to say that she had never heard of Tennyson; but the well-known and oft-quoted line conveyed something of its meaning[37] to her. And can she ride and shoot and swim? Could she climb that tree there?I dont know, said Esmeralda; and she wondered whether she ought to be.