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      "Nan Callender, look me in the eye! You can't! My little sister, you've got a lot more sense than I have, and you know it, but I can tell you one thing. When Steve and I--"

      "Black as your grandmother."

      Judging by appearances, he said, it must have been an interesting conversation.

      Why not, the diary never explained, but what occurred was this:He shook his head.

      Starting now here, now there, Flora wavered as he reeled to the broken wall and seized the trowel. The knife dropped to the floor but he set foot on it, brandished the tool and began to sing:

      Good-bye, she whispered. I know that youre glad I am escaping; for you are a woman, as I am.



      Esmeralda had forgotten all about Trafford and Ada on the terrace, and was not aware that they had both been witnessing her interview with Norman, though they were too far off to hear a word. Trafford had watched the animated little scene with gloomy eyes, and Ada with a significant smile; he went down the steps as Esmeralda approached the terrace with her swift, light step. He saw that she was flushed, and that there was something like tears in her eyes. He looked from her to Norman, who still stood, a nice study for a statue of Perplexity.


      Two or three men scrambled down and were instantly surrounded, but the coachman did not move for a minute; then he turned to some one on the seat behind him and said something.